Jessie Rodriguez is an artist working in printmaking, digital and video art. Recent work is made from linocut prints turned into short stop motion films.
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Printmaking is my favorite medium. I decided I wanted to see my prints move, so I began cutting them out and turning them into stop motion movies which have composed my recent projects.

My mediums are always changing. I love to learn and explore and create from a variety of methods. I began making work through drawing and painting but after time worked my way into sculpture, casting, photography, printmaking and video art. Now I just blend what I know and teach myself what I don’t in order to create what I have in mind.

I am a big proponent of D.I.Y aesthetic and technique. My work wouldn’t exist, without it. Since everything is done by hand, there is an imperfection to what I make that becomes a part of it. I believe that invention can arise out of limitations and I enjoy finding ways through working with what is in front of and available to me as it often challenges me to forge paths I might not otherwise have considered. I am open to collaboration!

A selection of Linocut prints

Coco's Cards-Photographs of long abandoned objects paired with text, originally created as postcards.

Mixed Media - Screen prints - plaster casts - digital prints

A sampling of stop motion movies made from cut out and collaged linocut prints. Each are made entirely by hand.

Crane Builds a Nest: a commentary on the pandemic toilet paper shortage.

Siempre en mi corazon: a tribute to a dear friend lost to Covid.

Rainbow Tree: Seasonal change, a bird and transformation.

Fish Dream: Inspired by insomnia and that strange waking dream state.

Cloud Fish: A hungry fish who eats clouds.

Moon Man: Meet the moon man and friends.

Social Distancing: If the cast and crew can do it, we can too!